Kim Van Antwerp Art Jewelry

$350.00 USD

Adorable Varmint

Image of Adorable Varmint

These little rascals run around my garden all summer, chomping up the choicest blooms on whatever I have most recently planted. Harming them is out of the question, so one day after watching one shove a beautiful dahlia into its mouth, I ran inside and vented by creating this interpretation of the carnage I had witnessed.

The wretch has grabbed a big flower by the stem and is trying to jam the whole thing into its mouth. Cheeks pooched out, eyes bugging, it won't rest until it has cleared the garden of every tender petal!

A scene any gardener can appreciate.

Needlefelted wool, handmade glass eyes by Wayne Robbins, wood and silverplate base.

Base measures 4.5 inches in diameter; 6 inches tall.

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